5 Star Book Review and Author Interview: HILLBILLY ROCKSTAR by Lorelei James (@loreleijames)

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About Hillbilly Rockstar (Blacktop Cowboys #6)


She’s protecting his body and guarding her heart…

Country music star Devin McClain understands there’s a downside to life in the public eye, but the laidback Wyoming cowboy has never imagined he’d attract crazed fans who would do anything to garner his attention. When veiled threats become real, he agrees to hire a discreet security detail. But Devin is shocked when that bodyguard is a hard-bodied woman. He’s even more stunned to be attracted to the steely-eyed stunner.

Former soldier Liberty Masterson’s return to civilian life has been wrought with challenges until she lands a job with a prestigious security firm. But when she agrees to provide personal protection during a cross-country tour, she doesn’t realize she has signed up to masquerade as the playboy star’s girlfriend. Though she’s more comfortable in combat boots than high heels, she has no choice but to appear to be the sexy groupie Devin prefers.

Living in close quarters causes the chemistry between them to ignite, and Devin realizes he wants to turn their charade of a romance into reality. Although Liberty surrenders to his every whim behind closed doors, she fears the sexy country star doesn’t see the real her; and Devin can’t help but worry when the tour ends that there might not be enough between them to build something that won’t fade away…


My Review


My Rating: 5 Stars

“Devin knew he shouldn’t be having those thoughts, but even after just one day, he knew he’d never met a woman quite like Liberty.”

Rockstars, bodyguards, and sex, oh my! When Devin McClain first meets Liberty Masterson, sparks fly, but not the good kind. Devin, a sexy country music star, resents his need for a bodyguard, even though it’s clear he’s not safe. Liberty just wants the payday and the chance to move up in her line of work. Together on a tour bus for four months, that prickly professional tension will quickly turn in to sizzling and undeniable sizzling tension, and the possibility of even more.

I loved this book because it had so many things that I enjoy reading: a hot cowboy rock star, a badass chick for a female lead, plenty of steamy sex, and an emotional romance, all perfectly balanced with humor and a bit of suspense. Obviously if you’re reading a romance and you throw two sexy people together, alone, on a luxury tour bus for hours at a time then something is going to happen. I completely enjoyed Devin and Liberty’s story and the way it progresses from strained professionalism to spicy sexual chemistry, to a real, but undeniably complicated relationship.

Lorelei James has written genuine and multi-dimensional characters with very natural chemistry. Both Devin and Liberty have compelling back-stories and are relatable and engaging. Devin is everything you want in a charming, gorgeous, sex-oozing-from-every pore rock star. Liberty is definitely a match for him: she’s a tough ex-army female with a strong personality and a bangin’ body. Both characters have some major emotional walls erected, but are written with enough vulnerability. They may seem like an unlikely couple at first, but as the story moves forward it seems obvious they belong together. Oh, and the sex between these two is amazing. It might be necessary for Liberty to be Devin’s protector when in public, but behind closed doors Devin is ALL alpha male. These two are up for just about anything and the sex scenes are numerous and very well written.

“He wouldn’t deny himself any part of her body. The sooner she understood he liked raunchy sex of all flavors, the better.”

The story is full of emotional ups and downs as our characters take us along with them on tour, and I felt like I was right there with them through every high energy performance, steamy encounter, and the quiet moments in between. This is a book that kept my full attention from the first page to the very last and had me laughing out loud and wiping away tears. One of the author’s many strengths lies in the dialogue she writes. It’s always natural and genuine, and everything from the witty banter to the dirty talk always feels completely real. A great supporting cast of characters adds color and dimension to an already engaging story. Lorelei James perfectly executes a combination of rock star and bodyguard romance, with the female lead as the fearless protector. Hillbilly Rockstar is perfect for readers that enjoy an HEA romance with a healthy dose of, sex, emotion, humor, healing, western charm, and a little suspense. I will absolutely read more from this author and this series.

*I received a complimentary copy of the book for the purpose of honest review.


Talking Blacktop Cowboys with Lorelei James


What inspired you to write the Blacktop Cowboys series and this particular installment?

LJ: I loved the idea of taking the bodyguard trope and flipping it on its head—having a tough woman with a military background protecting a male celebrity. Obviously a tough Wyoming cowboy has an issue with that, so it was really fun with the back and forth between them as they learned to rely on and trust each other.

What is your favorite Devin and Liberty “moment”?

LJ: I only get to pick one? Their first kiss and first intimate encounter have to win out. But I also love the small moments when they bolster each other when they’re alone on the tour bus.

Who is your rock star crush?

LJ: In country music? I’m a huge Dierks Bentley fan, and who doesn’t love Luke Bryan? On the rock side of my musical tastes, my crushes are Sully Erna from Godsmack and Adam Levine from Maroon 5.

Which is your favorite “Blacktop cowboy”?

LJ: The character I wrote most recently is always my favorite because he’s the freshest one in my mind, so Devin McClain 🙂

Is there more to come from the Blacktop cowboy series?

LJ: Roped In, a novella set in the Blacktop Cowboys world releases Sept 9th. And I hope to have book seven out in September of 2015.


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