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Welcome to the Wounded Wings (Cupid Chronicles #3) by Shauna Allen Book Tour! I <3 this series and I’m super excited to share this newest release! All of the books can be read as stand-alones, and I recommend all three!


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About the Book




Wounded Wings

Cupid Chronicles

Book III

Shauna Allen


Genre: Light Paranormal

Publisher:  Soul Mate Publishing

Date of Publication: December 18, 2013

Number of pages:  269

Cover Artist: Rae Monet


Book Description:



Judged harshest by his own heart after the greatest of sins, Elijah Smith imposes the most brutal of punishments upon himself. He is now a fallen angel, cast down by his own hand—lost, suffering, caught between two worlds, and searching for redemption.


Scarred emotionally and physically, Naomi Evans has always put her happiness aside to repay her debt to the one who saved her. Never quite fitting into her friendly little town after being abandoned as a child, she’s not sure love will ever find her aching heart.


New Destiny, Arizona will never be the same. Two strangers have rolled into town, shaking Heaven and Earth. One, a handsome loner is temporarily stranded and biding his time, quietly bestowing random acts of kindness on total strangers until he can be on his way. The second, an undercover Cupid named Michael, is determined to bring healing and true love.

His assignment? A fallen brother and his equally wounded soulmate.

Will Naomi be able to see past both their scars? Can Elijah ever forgive himself?

Is such redemption possible?

Book Trailer for Inked by an Angel, the first book in the series:


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My Review:


My Rating: 4.5 Stars


“He was a temporary treasure. Perfection for her to hold today. And she fully intended to do just that. She’d be stronger tomorrow, after another taste of him.”

Confession time: This isn’t my favorite book in the series so far… BUT, I have a feeling that I’m in the minority, and that Eli will become many readers’ favorite.

Jed is my favorite Cupid Chronicles guy, but Elijah is something different: angelic, beautiful, and damaged. His is a story of a fallen angel seeking redemption at all costs, even the cost of his human heart. Oh, and he’s supermodel hot 😉

Eli and Naomi’s story is emotional, spiritual, and laced with a very subtle sexual chemistry. Allen has a knack for creating lovable characters, both angel and human, and making the reader believe (or at least hope) that there really are angels masquerading as big, tattoo artist/bikers that are sent to earth to help us humans find our destiny and true love. The connection between our main characters is intense but complicated. Eli and Naomi both have scars, walls and baggage; forging any kind of relationship will require both of them to take a huge leap towards trust and hope.

The small town of New Destiny, Arizona offers the reader a quirky backdrop and cast of characters, and the setting for a story filled with emotion, heartache, humor, hope, healing, and a touch of sexiness. The writing is genuine, clever, and smooth, and the story original, heartfelt and entertaining. This is a fantastic addition to a great series.

“He remained motionless, vulnerable. A broken thing unworthy of her perfect love, but asking all the same.”

*I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.




The tune changed. It slowed and couples began to filter onto the dance floor. The melody was pleasing, and Elijah began to enjoy it. But then the haunting lyrics began to filter into his consciousness . . . something about a broken road.

Okay, time to go.

He spun to the left and right into a beautiful, blond vision.

Naomi’s green eyes stared up into his and a slow, sweet smile spread her lips. “Would you like to dance?”

His heart began to pound. He said the first thing that came to mind. “I don’t know how.”

Her eyebrows furrowed adorably. “You don’t know how to dance?”

His gaze darted to the door. To escape. “Uh . . . no. Not really.”


He couldn’t miss the hurt that clouded her eyes. “But thank you for asking. I’d love to if—”

That must’ve been all she needed to hear. Another smile lit up her face and she grabbed his hand and tugged him toward the dance floor. He thought about pulling back, but Claudia was closing in on them, a predatory gleam in her eye.

Naomi led him to the periphery of the floor and slid her body in front of his intimately, snaking both of her arms around his neck. Not sure what to do, he glanced around and tried to mimic the other men by placing his hands on her waist.

She snuggled into him further, shooting a furtive glance in the direction they’d just come from. “We have an audience,” she whispered.

He glanced over. Claudia was watching from the corner he’d just vacated, her dark eyes shooting daggers at Naomi. His stomach pitched.

Naomi just laughed, a sweet, lilting giggle. He peered down into her sparkling green eyes. “You know,” she said, “this isn’t an eighth grade dance. And if you don’t have any interest in Miss Choir Director over there, you might just wanna give her a little show so she’ll leave you alone.”

His brows dipped. “What do you mean?”

She tilted her head. “Wait. Are you interested in Claudia?”

“God, no!”

“Okay, well, obviously our little kiss at the ice cream parlor didn’t do the trick, and she still has her sights set on you, big boy.” She raised a brow at him mischievously. “So, here’s what we do . . .”

He leaned in, unable to help himself.

She took advantage and pressed her lips to his, stealing a kiss. The exchange was quick, sweet, nothing like the mind-blowing ones they’d shared, yet he still found himself reeling when he opened his eyes to find her lovely, innocent, perfect smile. She was intoxicating.

And dangerous.

“That was a good start,” she said breathlessly.

She kept her focus intently on his eyes, never letting him free for a moment. He couldn’t have looked away if he’d wanted to as she snuggled in even closer than before, wrapping her arms even tighter around his neck. Her breasts brushed his chest, their hearts now beating side by side.

“Now,” she whispered, “tuck your hands in my back pockets.”

His mind couldn’t comprehend through the haze, but his body complied automatically. He slid his fingertips around her waist as it moved slowly to the continued melody, her hips rhythmically swaying under his hands, until his fingertips found the pockets of her jeans and rested on the swell of her bottom.

Her fingers played with the hair at the nape of his neck.

Her eyes sparked in the dim lighting.

The band played on, her hips showing him how to move as he cupped her intimately.

She was everything carnal, every temptation, every perfect thing that Father created for man and woman to enjoy together. Now he understood the beauty of that creation.


About the Author


Shauna grew up an only child with two open and loving parents in Central Texas.  She’s married to her high school sweetheart and is the mother to three fantastic (no, that’s not a typo!) teenagers—one she’s about to send off to the Air Force.

When she’s not writing, editing, or acting as a personal assistant to two NYT Bestselling authors, Shauna enjoys reading, movies with Gerard Butler, vacays to the beach, and hangin’ with the kiddos–even if they don’t like hangin’ with her!


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