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About the Book:


The pumps are red satin with a peep toe, a shiny black contrast heel, and a ruffle detail at the vamp. The cat eyeliner with exaggerated lashes and the red lipstick on my porcelain face make the forties inspired look reach perfection.
I enjoy being a pin-up model…

C. Michelle’s vibrant debut novel, Pinned Up is full of snappy dialogue, edgy humor, and a lot of heart. This fun look into the world of a modern-day pin-up model is one wild ride!

Twenty-five-year-old Nina Moretti lives a double life of sorts. She’s a victim advocate during the day and as a side gig, lives out her 1940s fetish as a pin-up model in San Francisco, California. While she may not “do” serious relationships, she has fulfillment in her work and hanging out with her best friend, Kade—the greatest sidekick any woman could possibly want. All is well in Nina’s hectic, but satisfying life…

That is, until she meets Josh, a stunningly handsome man who has a notorious reputation as a ladies’ man. For his part, Josh is reluctant to commit to any woman, largely due to his loving, yet overbearing mother. Nina, however, sparks his interest in a way that no other woman has before. As they navigate the pitfalls of romantic entanglement, both come to realize their pasts are intertwined in ways they could never imagine. Perhaps, they have more in common than just their fear of relationships. What are two people afraid of commitment supposed to do?


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My Review:


My Rating: 4 Stars


Pinned Up is a modern contemporary romance with a vintage pin up flair. Filled to the brim with vivid description, romance, some steamy sex, and a bit of angst, it’s an enjoyable read.

Among the book’s highlights is the author’s ability to set a scene. I have never been to San Francisco but Michelle’s detailed description took me right there, I had not just a feel for the city as a whole, but the San Francisco that this colorful cast of characters exists in.

Speaking of characters, I really liked this cast as a whole. Nina is strong and passionate, if not a bit stubborn. Her vintage edge adds a little something extra. Josh is sexy and smooth, with a witty comeback for everything. They each have a past (that could potentially come back and bite them in their collective asses), and offer each other the chance to finally move forward. The reader is given multiple POV’s and inner monologues, which I completely appreciate, though I would have liked for their inner voices to be more distinct and individual; at times they blended together. NOW I get to the part of the review I’ve been waiting for: I get to talk about KADE. Kade is Nina’s (aka “Cheesecake”‘s) hilarious (and I think rather sexy) best friend, confidante, and brother from another mother. He adds such a fantastic spark to the story! He’s raunchy, hilarious, clever, and caring, and I would love to read a whole book just about him.

Kade’s Motto: “Being normal, reserved, and proper in monotonous. I have too much essence to be dull.”

So, we have a great setting, a diverse and interesting cast of characters, a bit of romance paired with a side of angst, and then come some surprising twists and turns that really bring this plot to life, providing intrigue and intensity. Overall, this is a quirky, romantic, exciting, and enjoyable read.

*I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.


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About the Author:


C. Michelle earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a Master of Business Administration degree while working as a probation officer and counselor. She has also served her community as a Victim Awareness Program instructor and an Aggression Replacement Training (ART) facilitator. Her love of all things funny and romantic led to the writing of her debut novel, Pinned Up.

C. Michelle is currently writing her second novel and resides in northern California with her husband and three children.







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