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Sanctuary Pauline Creeden


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About the Book



By: Pauline Creeden

In a heart-racing thriller described as Falling Skies meets The Walking Dead, Jennie struggles to find a safe place for what’s left of her family. But it seems as though there is no place sacred, no place secure. First the aliens attacked the sun, making it dimmer, weaker, and half what it used to be. Then they attacked the water supply, killing one-third of Earth’s population with a bitter contaminate. And when they unleash a new terror on humankind, the victims will wish for death, but will not find it…

When the world shatters to pieces around her, will Jennie find the strength she needs to keep going?




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My Review


My Rating: 4 Stars

“One year ago. It didn’t seem like such a long time, just three little words when she considered it. But it seemed like more like a lifetime ago when the water was drinkable, the sun would shine in its full glory, and her parents were…”

 Sanctuary tells the story of a group of people who are thrown together as the world is ending. The planet as we know it has been ravaged by aliens and a zombie-like virus, and there is only a handful of survivors. It will take bravery, wits, and faith for this unlikely family to find a safe haven and survive, and some of them won’t make it.

Though I felt the most connection with Jennie and her story, the author also chronicles the stories of other survivors, from their own point of views, as fate pushes them towards one another. The plot moves very quickly, pages fly by as you read each individual’s experience, but Jennie’s courage and kindness stuck with me the most. A year ago she was a college student, now she is a single mom to her little brother in a deadly, crumbling society: her transition is difficult but admirable. She may waver, but it is only for a moment, and then she accomplishes whatever needs to be done, regardless of the danger. She maintains her resolve through her faith, something that so many people have lost in the horrors that they have faced. In fact, it is her faith that provides and an interesting plot twist. Her faith combined with the work and observations of scientists may hold the key to saving humanity, but the solution remains out of reach.

Jennie connects with and becomes a quiet leader to those around her. She forges a blossoming relationship with the Hugh, and though they have an age difference, it really doesn’t seem like a big deal when the world is ending. Their story together seems to have just begun, as does the much larger picture.  This exciting and action-packed plot is only beginning; we now know and are invested in these characters and their futures. Though the book has a satisfying ending where many questions are answered, more are posed. Most importantly: what is to become of this planet, and these few but intriguing people that now inhabit it?

*I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.


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About the Author


Pauline Creeden is a horse trainer from Virginia, but writing is her therapy. In her fiction, she creates worlds that are both familiar and strange, often pulling the veil between dimensions. She becomes the main character in each of her stories, and because she has ADD, she will get bored if she pretends to be one person for too long.

Pauline Creeden

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Twitter: @PCreeden

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