Book Review: ETERNALLY YOURS by Kelli Scott

January 11, 2013 BDSM, Book Review, Erotica, Novella/Short Story, Paranormal Romance 2


Title: Eternally Yours

Author: Kelli Scott

Publisher: Decadent Publishing

Release Date: December 26, 2012


Rating: 4 Stars




Another Story in The Edge Series

Years after Luke’s sweetheart was ripped from his arms on prom night, Meri’s loss still haunts him. Searching for her everywhere, he finds her only in his dreams and on the pages of a dark comic book he created in her image. But on the anniversary of her disappearance, she shows up on his doorstep without having aged a day. What can he do but invite her in?
Meri’s nights are all about surviving alone on the dark, seedy side of life. Once a year she treats herself to a night of tasty passion with her one true love. Is this the year to seal the deal and make their love eternal, or will she walk away to become just another fantasy?


My Review:

This is a well-written, sexy, and heart-breaking paranormal romance; a quick and easy novella, perfect for a single setting. It is the dark story of young loved halted by a single tragic event. Though they can’t have a normal life together, the couple lives only for their yearly reunion. Their coupling is enticing and filled with emotion. In just a short story, the author creates an engaging plot and intriguing characters; I only wish that I could have read more.

“She dragged her long, red nails lightly down his torso and he recoiled. Yes, while out cold she’d stripped him naked and tied him to the bed. Was that a crime? Not according to vampire law, not that she studied it. If anything were more daunting than human law, it would be vampire law. You’d have to live forever to absorb it all. The only thing she wanted to absorb was him. His heart and soul and mortality.”

*I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.


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Decadent Publishing

Author Bio: (I don’t always include these but I thought this one was fun and different…)

Left for dead in an enchanted forest, Kelli was raised by wolves, which explains her thick coat of fur and keen night vision. As an adolescent, she was exiled from the pack due to her love of well-done steak smothered in ketchup (her penchant for blackened beef has also caused her ejection from several fine eateries). On her own, she roamed the streets, eating from dumpsters and sleeping in abandoned dog houses. Cold, starving and destitute, Kelli turned to the oldest profession—writing. Since her fall from grace, she has penned several smutty stories for which she has received many accolades. And despite her limited vocabulary, inability to punctuate properly and her well-documented spelling disability, Kelli has collected an assortment of awards (some of them for her writing). But what she wants most in the world is to return to the enchanted forest and her pack. As soon as she figures out north from south and east from west, she will do just that. Until then, happy reading.

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