Book Review: ONCE UPON A TWIST by Aimee Duffy and Michelle Smart

June 4, 2013 Book Review, Book Tour, Paranormal Romance 4

Once Upon A Twist


About the Book:


Once Upon a Twist

By: Aimee Duffy & Michelle Smart

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, the creatures are coming…

In a land run by misogynists, where fair maidens are deemed liable to fall in a dead faint at the sight of blood, Prince Charming is worried – the creatures that have destroyed their neighboring kingdoms are coming for them. He judges it imperative to get all the females to safety, but first he needs to break the enchantment enslaving his One True Love to her hateful home. Oh, and there’s the small matter of the Ball to get through too.

But when the creatures reach them ahead of their expected time, all plans are foregone. Can Ella break her wicked stepmother’s enchantment? Can she save her handsome Prince and the kingdom before midnight strikes? And can she show his soldiers what it really means to kick  a monster’s butt? The clock is ticking…

Many, many years later…

When Ruby visits her grandmother in the deep, dark forest, she stumbles into a nightmare. Her grandma’s been attacked by a wolf-like creature, and an ancient disease that turned people into monsters is back… and so is the cold-hearted ex she walked out on a year ago.

Now she has to either accept Jeremy’s help or face becoming a monster herself. Fighting alongside the man she once loved isn’t easy, especially when she discovers there’s more to Jeremy than the cheating bastard she took him for.

As they fight to survive the disease and save those they love, can they keep from falling for each other all over again?

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My Review:


My Rating: 4.5 Stars

Two clever, romantic and sexy fairytale re-tellings, each unique and entertaining in its own right; Oh, and ZOMBIES!!! Because I love fairytales and zombie books with kick-ass heroines, this pair of stories is right up my alley!

The first story is a re-telling of Cinderella, written in more of a “classic” fairytale style: complete with castles, a fairy godmother, a pumpkin carriage, and the handsome Prince Charming. And did I mention zombies?!? I just love Ella in this story! Instead of acting the delicate flower this time period requires, she stands up to the men, the knights, and her Prince, and kicks some zombie ass… and this only endears her more to her handsome betrothed.

“No wonder all the women he had met before her had bored him to tears. Marriage to Ella might be a headache but at least it would never be boring.”

The second story, a modern re-telling of Little Red Riding Hood is a bit darker and gorier. Jeremy and Ruby, past loves that still have strong feelings for one another, must fight a zombie-wolf and multiple undead. When tragedy strikes they must confront a dark past and an uncertain future, in order to save each other and have a second chance at love. I love this couple and thoroughly enjoyed their journey back into each other’s arms.

“And he was falling, deeper in love with her, so fast and hard he couldn’t stop it. He knew as heat flooded down his spine and spread through his balls that their next separation would cost him, but he accepted that. This was about her, giving Ruby what she needed. If his heart had to shatter all over again then he’d deal with it. It was no less than he deserved.”

Both sexy stories are packed with intense action and romance (and zombies!)  I highly recommend this two-for-one special on grown-up fairytales.

*I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.


About the Authors: 


About Aimee

About me (snooze—can you tell I hate the me stuff? Lol)

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a good book in my hands. In primary school I loved Roald Dahl. In high school my English teacher introduced me to Charles Dickens, Stephen King, Jane Austin, Emily Bronte, and Shakespeare. It was then that I discovered my love for romance and I’ve wanted to pen my own imaginary heroes and heroines for others to enjoy ever since. Only in the last few years was I lucky enough to meet some fabulous and encouraging people to help me gain the skills to make that dream possible.

I live in sunny Scotland in a small town near the Ochils and work nine to five in a solicitors office. In my free time, you’ll find me on Facebook, stalking *cough* following friends on Twitter, and may even catch me shoe shopping.

Feel free to follow me on:

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About Michelle

My love affair with books began as a baby when, according to my mum, I would throw my teddies out of the cot and cuddle my books instead. This love for all things wordy has never left me. I have always been a voracious reader, crossing all genres depending on my mood. Looking back, my first experience with romance was as a child devouring copious amounts of fairy tales.

As my reading tastes evolved, encompassing amongst others Mills & Boon, Jackie Collins and Jilly Cooper, I discovered something special – that a book has the capacity to make my heart beat as if falling in love for the first time.

When not reading or pretending to do the housework, I love nothing more than creating worlds of my own featuring handsome heroes and the sparkly, feisty women who refuse to take crap from them. I hope my books can make my readers’ hearts beat a little faster too.

Michelle’s Links: Website / Twitter / Facebook / Goodreads

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