Book Review: THE ARRANGEMENT by Kelly Chambers

January 24, 2013 Book Review, Favorite Books, Novella/Short Story, Paranormal Romance, Romance 0


Title: The Arrangement

Author: Kelly Chambers


My Rating: 5 Stars


What would happen if you were forced to marry your best friend?

Lily’s about to find out. Even though her parents are wading through a messy divorce, they insist that she marry her best friend Mason. But why?

She searches for the reason behind their insistence that she marry Mason and learns a deeply buried family secret. A century ago, her ancestors saved her Fiance’s family from execution; and in return, he is to protect her from retribution.

Lily has caught the eye of a dangerous demon and learns Mason has a dark secret. Is she strong enough to save herself?


My Review:

Relatively short in length, I felt like I held my breath the entire time I was reading this. I was immediately drawn in by the characters and their story. Chambers expertly creates an aura of mystery around the cast, especially the two leading males. Each irresistible in their way, Lily has quite a choice to make. Lily herself is a fantastic female lead. She has great strength of character in spite of all she must face, yet remains humanly flawed, vulnerable, and relatable. For me, she is definitely a new favorite heroine!

The story is well-written and incredibly engaging. The author slowly draws you in, revealing the right clues at the right time. There is action, violence, romance, emotion, and angst, as Lily struggles to find her own footing in a world she is so unfamiliar with. The final scenes in this novella held me completely captive. I only wish the book was longer…. I look forward to reading the next chapter in Lily’s story.

“‘Do you love me?’ His words were a whisper, the fire in his eyes stirred excitement in my soul. Anger at his force rose in me and the words left my mouth despite my attempt to hold them in.

‘Yes! I do.‘ I stared up at him as the violence that filled his eyes turned to desperation. I lifted up onto my elbows under his weight, my lips meeting his in a painful kiss. He grew gentle and fire raced through my blood.”

*I received this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.


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