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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! A little romance to heat up your day…

Welcome to the Red Zone by Sherri Hayes book tour! Today I have a guest spot with the author. She is sharing with us what hottie quarterback Gage would do for Rebecca on Valentines day…



Gage would want to spoil Rebecca, but knowing how uncomfortable she would be if he went overboard, I see him surprising her. He’d take her to a fancy hotel, and then he’d try to cover her eyes as they made their way up to one of the hotel suites.

The entire suite would be set up with flowers, but not too many. She wouldn’t like that. He’d make sure there were just enough to let her know how special she is without overwhelming her.

Not far from the bank of windows overlooking the city, a table would be set up with their dinner. He would go out of his way to be a gentleman, and pull out her chair before taking his seat. They would share a private dinner together, and follow it up with a little dancing.

After that, they’d retire to the bedroom where Gage would have set up with more flowers and a few candles. Again, nothing too over the top.

He’d spend the next couple of hours showing her just how much she means to him before wrapping her in his arms and falling asleep, whispering “Happy Valentine’s Day, beautiful.”

Me: *sigh*



About the book:

After a case ended badly for Rebecca Carson, she’s losing her mind sitting around her apartment waiting on her superiors to allow her to return to work. Since she was a teenager, the only thing she’d ever wanted was to join the FBI. Now that dream was in danger. 

Gage Daniels has made a pretty good life for himself. A nice house. A career he loves. As a professional football player, he’s used to getting almost everything he’d ever want with just the snap of his fingers. This includes women. A well-timed smile is usually all it takes to attract the opposite sex, especially in Nashville. 

When a stalker threatens Gage, the team owner calls an old friend, Rebecca’s ex-partner Travis Hansen, to help protect his star quarterback and find the person responsible. Hansen offers Rebecca the job, and she jumps at the chance. It’s work, and it will get her out of her apartment. How bad can it be?

Posing as Gage’s girlfriend, however, isn’t as easy as it seems. The man is relentless. Rebecca must work to protect Gage while staving off his advances. She’s there to do a job, nothing more. The last thing she wants is to be another notch on a hotshot athlete’s belt.

As the stalker continues to up the ante, Rebecca finds it harder and harder to keep her distance from Nashville’s star quarterback. He isn’t what she expected in one of the city’s most notorious playboys. Now all she has to do is keep him safe until they can find his stalker, and hope she doesn’t lose her heart in the process.


My Review Coming Soon!

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Thank you to The Writer’s Coffee Shop and the author for including me in the tour 🙂


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    This one is on my TBR list, thanks for being a part of the blog tour!


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