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Welcome to the Distorted by Laura Dunaway Book Tour, hosted by Flirty and Dirty Book Blog! Read an excerpt, my review, and enter the giveaways*!


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About the Book:


Aly Chase has worked for Paul Pierce for years, loving him from afar. He is handsome, rich, and the powerful CEO of Pierce Homes. Just when Aly has decided her love for him is futile and vows to move on, Paul begins to give Aly the attention she had always desired, forcing her to feel confused by his actions.

Then there’s Aly’s best friend, Ethan Baker. He’s sweet, handsome and charming. He is also in love with her. He’s accepted that Aly and he will only be friends, until one day Aly realizes that her feelings towards Ethan are way more.

Aly is caught in between the man she’s loved for so long and the man that has always been there for her. As her feelings are pulled and tugged in both directions, she must make a choice before her distorted life loses both of them.

Who will end up winning Aly’s heart?


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My Review:


My Rating: 3.5 Stars

A solid debut, a story that many readers will enjoy, especially fans of the complicated love triangle.

Angst, emotion, and drama permeate the pages of this book. Aly is faced with an extremely difficult decision. The man she has desired for sometime has finally fallen for her, but betrays her in a horrible way. She still has feelings for him but has also developed feelings for her handsome and steadfast best friend. We follow Aly as she navigates tumultuous emotional waters on her way to making her choice: a difficult love triangle and a difficult choice. I am nearly always a fan of the bad boy, the dangerous choice. But in this instance, I surprised myself and fell for the best friend.

I particularly enjoyed the philanthropic aspects of the plot. Apart from the drama of the love triangle, there is a great story there all on its own. Despite the struggles in their personal lives, the characters share a common goal of helping the less fortunate.

The story has some great moments: there’s moments of humor, warmth, and tenderness, moments of intense emotion, a shocking “h*** s**t” moment, and some very steamy scenes. I was definitely intrigued. There were times that the dialogue was a bit stilted and Aly’s character, though real and relatable, wasn’t my favorite. Overall, Distorted is a good read, an angsty love story with a satisfying finish.

“I traced my hand along his cheek, and saw the love burning in his hazel eyes. I had no doubt he meant what he said and I was upset with myself for not being  able to give him what he wanted, yet. When I was around him, the electricity was so intense, so magnetic. I owed it to myself to figure out who exactly it was I wanted. The problem was, how long would that take?”

*I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review.




Paul’s green eyes were burning into mine. I could feel the electricity from his gaze shoot straight to my core. He began kissing my hand again, brushing his lips along my knuckles. Once his lips reached the divot between my index finger and thumb, his lips parted. Very gently he ran his tongue along the surface. My body heated and my heart beat grew rapid. His lips parted into a smile, knowing the affect he had on me. I stood there powerless as this man gave me the most intimate kiss without ever touching my lips.

 His tongue glided around my wrist, then he stopped to suck on a few places.  I grew warm all over and closed my eyes, unable to stop myself from loving what he was doing.  He continued up my arm, looking at me the whole time.  When he got to the start of my sleeve, he bit down on it and moved it up to my shoulder, trying a few times until it finally stayed.  He went back to where he was and started kissing up my arm again.  He stopped as he got close to my shoulder and swirled his tongue around my skin.  Fire completely erupted inside of me and I let out a moan.  This was the sexiest moment I’d ever experienced and I knew if he tried to do more, I wouldn’t stop him.

 He reached the top of my shoulder, sliding his tongue along the top of my bra strap until my shirt stopped his access.  He detoured to my neck and started dropping light kisses there as I felt his hands go to my waist and pull me close.  His lips were warm against my neck and when I felt his tongue start tracing my ear lobe, I visibly shuddered.

 He smiled against me. “Ah, Aly. You don’t know what you do to me,” he whispered, his hot breath brushing against my ear.  I grasped his arms; I could no longer hold myself up on my own. He was slowly but breaking down the strong barrier I had built around my heart.

 He lightly bit my earlobe as his lips traveled to my face, traveling down my jaw line.  My hands moved to his shoulders and he pulled me harder against him, slamming me against his chest.  I gasped at the contact and when his lips met mine, I didn’t push him away. Instead, I pushed his head toward me more.

 We stood there kissing like our lives depended on it, hardly taking a breath.  I hadn’t realized how much I’d missed him, missed this.  Even though I’d barely had a taste of what being with him was like, I’d had enough to know I liked it, and always wanted more. 


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About the Author:


Laura Dunaway has been married to her prince for 17 years and together they are raising three amazing kids.  While she’s always had a passion for reading and writing, it wasn’t until this past year that she finally realized she should pursue her dream of writing a book.  After many many attempts at starting one, Distorted was finally the one that flowed and before she knew it, she’d written The End.  When she’s not busy shuttling her kids to lessons and practices and making dinner, she’s busy behind her computer writing her next book.

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