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Hi! I’m a freelance writer and book fanatic. I spend my days reading books, writing, and obsessing over all manner of random thoughts and things.


Feel free to contact me by email or the form below if you have questions, comments, or would like a book reviewed*. (Tattooed Book Review is indie author friendly!) Authors, PAs, and publishers: Fill out the form below if you would like to add a book to the upcoming, new release, and sales posts.

*I have quite the backlog of review requests at the moment. Please submit your request with the understanding that I may not get to your book right away. I do read each and every review request, though I do not always have time to respond to each one. If I review your book, I will send you a link to the post when I have it scheduled. Sometimes I do not have time to review a book but think it’s something my readers will enjoy, and I may contact you and see if you would be interested in a spotlight. Thank you for your patience and understanding and the opportunity to review 🙂

Review Policy: I accept review requests for all genres and review primarily fiction. Ratings are 1-5 stars, but if I feel a book deserves a rating of a 1 or 2, I will contact the author/ representative. I rarely (okay, never) post reviews of books that I don’t like. That’s just not why I review books. I enjoy sharing books that I enjoy with my readers. If I don’t like a book, I simply move on to the next one. All reviews are based on my own opinions, I do not accept compensation for reviews. Reading/reviewing is a free service provided to authors/publishers and I read/review in my free time; I do not guarantee that I will provide a review.

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