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Allen, Shauna
            The Cupid Chronicles
                       Inked by an Angel
                       The Halo Effect
                       Wounded Wings
Amelie, Fisher
            The Seven Deadly Series
                        Vain (Book #1)
Anderson, Toni
             Dark Waters
Anthony, Alexandra
             The Dark Hart Chronicles
                        Tempted (Book 1)
Arden, Susan
            Tempted by Trouble
            Collared for a Night
Arnone, Forbes
            In My Mother’s Footsteps
Ashley, Devon
            Dust (Of Dust and Darkness #1)
Avet, Danica
            The Veil Series
                        Ruby: Uncut and On the Loose (The Veil #1)
                        Succubus-In-Waiting (The Veil #2)
                        Lifestyles of the Fey and Dangerous (The Veil #3)
Bardugo, Leigh
             The Grisha Trilogy 
                        Shadow and Bone (Book #1)
Bennett, Sawyer
             The Foreverland Chronicles
                         Forever Young (Book #1)
              Last Call Series
                        Sugar on the Edge (Book #3)
             Alex (Cold Fury #1)
Blake, Fallon
              A Firm Hand (Bound to You #2)
Blake, Kathryn R.
              A Dom’s Dilemma
Blanco, N. Isabelle
             The Szolite Series
                       Blood Flows Deep in the Empire (Book #1)
Bocco, Diana
             Dark Tides
                       City of the Fallen (Book #1)
             Forbidden Lust
                        Luke (Book #1)
Brown, C.C.
Bunino, Sandra
               Marooned with the Millionaire
             The Satin Rose Experience
                        Mia’s Submission (Book #1)
                        Brooke’s Wish (Book #2)
                        The Submission of a Mafia Princess (Book #3)
                        Tie Me Free (Book #4)
Burke, Allie
            Violet Midnight (The Enchanters #1)
Bussel, Rachel Kramer (editor)
             The Big Book of Orgasms: 69 Sexy Stories
Carmel, Marissa
             Vis Vires Trilogy
                       iFeel (Book #1)
Chambers, Kelly
            The Arrangement
Chardou, Elle
Chastain, Scarlet
            Bella Key
            Little Black Dress
Ciotta, Beth
            The Glorious Victorious Darcys
                        His Clockwork Canary
Cochran, Molly
            The Legacy Series
                        Poison (Book #2)
Cole, NJ
Cooper, J.S.
           Illusion (Swept Away #1)
Creeden, Pauline
Crownover, Jay
            The Marked Men Series
                         Rome (Book #3)
                         Nash (Book #4)
            Welcome to the Point
                         Better When He’s Bad (Book #1) 
Curtis, Rachel
             Knowing Jack
Darhower, J.M.
             Sempre (Forever #1)
Dawn, Scarlett
             King Hall (Forever Evermore #1)
             King Cave (Forever Evermore #2)
             King Tomb (Forever Evermore #3)
             Obsidian Liquor (Reviewed as part of The Obsidian Collection)
             Fall (The Cold Mark Saga #1)
             Sink (The Cold Mark Saga #2)
              Just One Sip (The Club)
Derek, Angie
            Mafia Secret
            The Beast’s Redemption
Dewitt, M.A.
            The Tragic Foreplay of Romeo and Juliet
Dryden, Delphine
            The Theory of Attraction
Dunaway, Laura
Duffy, Aimee
            Once Upon a Twist
Dyllin, D.T.
           Feeling Death
End, A. Violet
            As You Wish
            The Billionaire Who… (Diary of a Fuckdoll #1-3)
            The Billionaire Who Phoned Me (Diary of a Fuckdoll #4)
            The Billionaire Who Cloned Me (Diary of a Fuckdoll #5)
Font, Lorenz
             Indivisible Line
Foss, C.M.
Foster, Lori
             No Limits (Ultimate #1)
Frazier, T.M.
            The Dark Light of Day
Fredsti, Dana
            Ashley Parker Series
                        Plague Town
                        Plague Nation
Gayle, Natalie
            Finding Trust (Centre Games #1)
 Gerrard, Karyn
            The Blind Cupid
Giovanni, Cassandra
            In Between Seasons (The Fall #1)
Grey, S.R.
             I Stand Before You (Judge Me Not #1)
             Never Doubt Me (Judge Me Not #2)
Greyson, Jen
            Lightning Rider
Griffin, A.M.
            Dangerously Yours
Grossman, Lev
            The Magicians Series
Halle, Karina
             Love, In English
Hammell, Kacey
            Tied Down
            Wild Thunder
Harkwood, Aileen
            The Dreamrunners Society
                        Dangerous Dreams (Book #1)
Harris, Charlaine
            Sookie Stackhouse
                        Deadlocked (Book #12)
Hayes, Sherri
            Finding Anna Series
                        Slave (Book #1)
                        Need (Book #2)
                        Truth (Book #3)
Holeva, James
            The Wingman Chronicles
Holt, Desiree
            Overnight Sensation
Howard, Laura
            The Forgotten Ones
Hughes, Jill Elaine
            The Domino Effect
Hunter, Aline
            Just Make Me Series
                        Make Me Shiver (Book #1)
Jackson, D.L.
             Finding Mercy (A Prepper Romance)
Jaszczak, Trista
             Little Red
Jade, Ella
             Surrender to Me
James, Lorelei
             Hillbilly Rockstar (Blacktop Cowboys #6)
Jean, Allie
             Dreams of the Cursed (Dreamers #2)
Jones, Penelope
             Iniquitous Solace
Karpov, Dmytry
              Kiss Me in Paris
Keeland, Vi
             Worth the Fight
Kingsolver, BR
             Broken Dolls
Kinrade, Kimberly
             Seduced Saga (Rose’s Trilogy)
                         Seduced by Innocence (Book #1)
                         Seduced By Pain (Book #2)
                         Seduced by Power (Book #3)
              Kiss Me in Paris
Krentz, Jane Ann
               Secret Sisters
Leever, Patricia
             Divinity (Divinity #1)
Leigh, T.K
            A Beautiful Mess
            A Tragic Wreck
Lin, Amber
              Lost Girls Series            
                         Giving it Up (Lost Girls #1)
                         Selling Out (Lost Girls #2)
                         Tempting Fate (Lost Girls #3)
             Chance of Rain
Linde, K.A.
            Avoiding Responsibility
            The Ascension Series
                          The Affiliate (The Ascension #1)
Long, Heather
           Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
           What Part of Marine Don’t You Understand
Love, Suzi
           The Viscount’s Pleasure House
Madigan, Margaret
            Hero for Hire
Mallory, Malia
             Dominating BDSM Billionaires       
                         His Need, Her Desire (Book #1)
                         His Desire, Her Surrender (Book #2)
                         Her Wish, His Command (Book #3)
                         His Passion, Her Temptation (Book #4) *Coming Soon!
Mann, Marni
            Seductive Shadows (Shadows #1)
            Seductive Secrecy (Shadows #2)
            Pulled Beneath (Bar Harbor #1)
            Pulled Within (Bar Harbor #2)
Martin, Megan D.
            Forbidden Angel
            Soldier in Chains
            Iniquitous Solace
McCain, Merissa
            Hero for Hire
McFarren, Kaylin
            Buried Threads (Threads #2)
Michelle, C.
            Pinned Up
Miller, Kara Leigh
            Hayden Falls Series
                       Death of a Waterfall (Book #1)
Morris, Liv
            Adam’s Apple (Touch of Tantra #1)
Noire, Mira
            A Girl in Paris
Olson, Mal
            Too Sexy for His Stetson
Paige, Laurelin
            Fixed on You (Fixed #1)
            Found in You (Fixed #2)
Payne, Piper
            Breathing Black (The Black and White Duet #1)
Penttilla, Nicky
            A Note of Scandal
Persell, Micah (and Jane Austen)
           Emma: The Wild and Wanton Edition
Reed, Nicole
           Ruining Series
                       Ruining You (Book #2)
 Reisz, Tiffany
            The Original Sinners Series: The Red Years
                        The Siren (Book #1)
                        The Angel (Book #2)
                        Seven Day Loan (Also The Gift, Book #0.5)
            The Original Sinners Series: The White Years
                        The Saint (Book #1, TOS #5)
Richards, Kate
            A Virgin Underground (A Prepper Romance)
Riggs, Teri
            Resolutions (audiobook)
Riley, Jess
            Mandatory Release
Roberts, CJ
            Captive in the Dark
Rocha, Kit
            Beyond Shame
Rosa, A.
            Emotionally Compromised
Roux, Justus
            Strict Machine (Master #25)
Royce, Rebecca
            Hexed and Vexed
Ryan, Lexi
            Unbreak Me
Ryan, Shari J
            Fissure Free (Schasm #2)
Scott, Kelli
            Eternally Yours
Serrano, Nishi
            Mile Below Peep Show
Serruya, Cristiane
            Trust: A New Beginning
Shanley, Tera
            Love in the Time of the Dead
            An Unwilling Husband
Sheehan-Miles, Charles
            The Thompson Sisters
                          A Song for Julia
                          Girl of Lies (Rachel’s Peril #1)
 Shields, Jaye
    % Wunder Series            
                        Wunder (#1 The Approach)
                        Wunder Volume 1
              Lady’s Destiny
Walden, S.
            Good (Too Good #1)
            Better (Too Good #2)
Warren, Samantha
            The Risen King Series
                        The Iron Locket
Warren, Skye
             On the Way Home
White, Lily
            Her Master’s Courtesan
Wilcox, Ashley
            Giving You Forever
Williams, Nicole
            Lost and Found Series
                       Near and Far (Book #2)
                       Finders Keepers (Book #3)
Willis, M.S.
            Joseph Fallen (The Estate #0.5)
            Madeleine, Abducted (The Estate #1)
            Hope Restrained (The Estate #2)
Wolfe, Lacey
            Hot Bods Series
                        Accidental Love (Book #3)
Woods, Serenity
             Six Naughty Nights